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Effects of Service Dogs in Nursing Homes

Attached is the outline of paper.

Write the Essay on Effects of Service Dogs in Nursing Homes.

•Write to Show Cause and Effect

•Write essay in the third person.

•Use the APUS Online Library article databases, no open web sources.

•Include a minimum of three sources for your essay.

•Integrate the sources using MLA format.

•Essay should be 750-1000 words, in MLA format.

outline of paper:-

I. Introduction: The Effects that Service Dogs have in Nursing Homes

A. Service Dogs supply the most inventive ways to boost morale in a Nursing Homes simply by providing social support, creating crafty diversions and most importantly establishing a home away from home.
I. Social Support

II. Diversions

III. Homelike Surroundings
I. Increasing Social Support
a. Verbal Interaction
b. Reduced Loneliness
c. Fights of Depression

II. Creating Diversions
a. Preventing Nursing Home Escapes
b. Minimizing Conflicts
c. Promoting Staff Productivity

III. Establishing Homelike Surroundings
a. Occupying Elderly’s Minds
b. Keeping Elderly Active
c. Creating Friendships

IV. Conclusion.
a. In this conclusion I will summarize my whole paper about the effects of service dogs.

Attachment:- Effects of Service Dogs in Nursing Homes.rar

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