Why is this artwork compelling enough for you to select?

The Assignment:
The artwork analysis should largely be crafted through a �reading� (description) of the formal
qualities (line, shape, and color and the relationships among them, etc.) of the artwork selected
(primary source). Additionally, ground observations in one to three secondary sources (books,
Touch on the following topics:
Introduce the artwork and the artist (briefly introduce the artist. I am not looking for a
paper written about the life of an artist). Consider the time it was made, societal
conditions of the time in which the artist was working or the artwork was made, or any
historical significance of the artwork. Why is this artwork compelling enough for you to
Evaluate the artwork through extensive formal visual description (line, shape, color, etc.)
of the art object. Including description of appearance, subject matter (example: politics,
religion, etc.) the medium the artist chose (oil paint, bronze sculpture, etc.) and
significance to the work, scale (size), and briefly comment on what is satisfying and/or
not satisfying about the work. (Please avoid statements such as: �I think�, �I feel,� etc.)
**Please refer to the class Moodle page for information on �How To Write About
Artwork.� **
Interpret the work. What is it about? What is the meaning? Think about perspectives that
are social, cultural, political, economic, or aesthetic. Get societal / historical information
from the textbook and/or another source.
Acceptable source material: No more than 4 sources. Course textbook and/or book(s) from
library. No Wikipedia, dubious online sites, blogs, or peer-reviewed papers. If using an Internet
source please use museum websites, scholarly art magazines (For example: Art in America, Art
Forum), reputable newspapers (for example: NY Times, Los Angles Times)
** Please see presentation of written material on other side**
Presentation of written material:
Please follow MLA guidelines. Analysis must have an introduction, stating the purpose of your
paper, development explaining the thesis of your project and a conclusion, a summary of your
Source material must be acknowledged with an in-text citation within the body of the essay and
included on the works cited page! Biographical information used in the essay must be cited to
demonstrate the sources you have consulted.
Please avoid large quotes (over 4 lines) from source material. If absolutely necessary, only one
will be accepted. Points will be deducted for more than one large quote.
Must be a Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac document.
Please note: Text edit, Google Docs, jpegs, PDFs, or anything other than the two accepted formats
will receive zero points.
Format: The computerized typing must be as follows: accepted fonts Times New Roman,
Helvetica, Cambria, Calibri; only 12 points in character; standard margins of 1� top and bottom
and 1� left and right. Papers written in any other format are not acceptable. The written
assignment will be graded on form as well as content so please be mindful of spelling,
punctuation, and grammar.
Please note: Points are deducted for written material that is shorter than the required length.

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