Why do you believe you are an ethical person?

It has been suggested that discretion permeates every phase of the criminal justice system and creates ethical dilemmas for criminal justice professionals. The clear inference is that discretion and ethics go hand-in-hand.
Is that true? If so, how so; if not, why not?
2. Review the Department of Justice flowchart of the American Criminal Justice. See attachment
Can you identify an opportunity anywhere in the criminal justice system where discretion is available to the individual and ethics is not a consideration?
Give an example.
3.Am I an ethical person; at least I certainly think I am. Arent you? I suspect you believe you are as well.
Why? Why do you believe you are an ethical person? Where did your sense of ethics come from? Are your ethics at work different from your ethics at home, or with your friends? Do different settings determine the quality of our ethical judgments… our “values”?
After doing the readings for Week One, respond to any/all of the questions above. Reference the readings wherever appropriate.

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