Why did you select that solution over other possible solutions?

The topic must be one that involves a policy analysis issue that is/should be addressed by senior management, leadership, or administration. You are writing a proposal to your chief of police, your sheriff, or the department head of your federal law enforcement agency that addresses a significant management issue that impacts your organization. You may focus on issues and organizations that relate to a police, corrections, probation, court, or any other major function within the criminal justice community. The major policy topic should be of a significant nature so that its solution would require the decision and action by a chief of police, sheriff, or federal department head. You must clearly identify the problem. You must address why the leader should read your report. You must explain the significance of the issue. You must show how the issue impacts the particular organization and how it impacts other similar organizations. You must detail what action your leader should adopt as a result of your proposal. You must show the leadership and financial effects and implications of this solution. You must address the 3 options: do nothing (stay the same), adopt your full proposal, or incremental (do something in between). What are the effects and implications of the solution that you recommend? Why did you select that solution over other possible solutions?

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