Which of the following statements about economic policy changes is false?

Please Show more Maconeconomics help! I have an exam tomorrow and I need to know answers for these questions! Please give me explanations if possible! 1. If the government wished to increase aggregate demand through fiscal policy which set of policies would it pursue? A. a tax cut combined with spending cuts B. a tax increase combined with spending cuts C. spending increases combined with tax cuts D. any of the above E. none of the above 2..The aggregate-supply curve can be shifted to the right by all but which of the following? A. discovery of new oil reserves B. new technologies C. a tax increase D. an increase in immigration E. investment tax credit 3. Which of the following statements about economic policy changes is false? A. Stabilization policy suffers from time lags between the recognition of the problem and the actual effects of the policy. B. An argument cited against stabilization policy is that too often the stabilizing fix does more harm than good. C. Arguments in favor of committing the central bank to a policy of zero inflation include the notion that inflation results in arbitrary redistributions of wealth. D. Double taxation means that both the profits of corporations and the dividends shareholders receive are taxed which is currently the case in the United States. E. Proponents of tax-law 4. Which of the following statements about inflation is false? A. Disinflation is defined as a reduction in the rate of inflation. B. Policymakers can exploit a trade-off between inflation and unemployment in the short run but not in the long run. C. Unemployment rates below the natural rate of unemployment are difficult to achieve in the short run but easy to achieve in the long run. D. The sacrifice ratio is the number of percentage points annual output falls for each percentage point reduction in inflation. E. In the long run the inflation rate depends primarily on the money supply growth rate. Show less

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