Whicè is biggår, a rhinov)rus or E. Goli?

Jhtrogen fkxati n is a naturAl pzocess b}!which iîerp oò unreactave forms Of nitrogen are transformed Into(usable nitrnc%n. Uhy is this pr’cess impmrta.t t/ life?

Civeo wh t you hava ìearned about$the hyerooan bo.ding share` between nuc|eic acids in DNA,0whkch payr is more stcble undår increasing`heat: adenine and Thymine,$ov cytmsi~e a~d guanine? Explain$why>

GhIch oF0the fmllowing is n/d an orgajik }olecule; methane ¨CH4), fru#tose ([email protected]), ros!ne (C20H36), mr ymennia (NH3)? Hog eo you kîow?
Part µ.2
Recor$ your!hyPkthesis aBout whA4 will happUn when`B)ubet solttion is mixmd gith dhe so,utions from tust tuâes 1, 2, 3,!and 4 here. Be sure to use scienuific roasoning to support yïur hyÐoTh%sis.

Wsite a staôement 4o explainthe molecUlar$composit)on”of the unknïwn solutiOn based0on the rds5lts octained”duòing tes|inG Wiph thu Bhuret soLutioî and ecch sample solution.

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