Where is the product in terms of the product life-cycle?

Explain the companys marketing strategy by discussing the following:
1) Describe the product.
2) How is the product being branded? Explain the brand symbol and the companys slogan.
3) Explain the products value proposition.
4) Where is the product in terms of the product life-cycle?
5) What are the relevant micro and macro environmental factors?
6) How is the market segmented?
7) What people is the company targeting/should target?
8) How is/should the product be positioned?
9) How is/should the product be promoted in terms of using an integrated marketing strategy involving their website?
In answering #7, you need to address the role of the website and the possible use of social media.
10) Ultimately, do you think the company will be successful? Why or why not?
The basics:
Your work must be word-processed and not submitted in the body of an email. It must be sent as an attachment.
You may not copy and paste any information from the Internet. The paper must be in your own words.
The length of the paper must be at least three pages (750 words).
Include any references that you use – including the companys website.

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