Whenever Franny felt like the world was not being fair to her, zooey always told her.

Whenever Franny felt like the world was not being fair to her, zooey always told her.






Whenever Franny felt like the world was not being fair to her, zooey always told her. Do it for the first lady. The fat lady being referred to was a lady in a teaching their older brother Seymour had taught them. The meaning of do it for the fat lady was, do it as everyone deserves some respect. Reason for the saying was because Franny and Zooey had so much expectation that the world would provide for them, but in actual sense, they had the power to change the world.

Seymour always wanted the best for Franny and Zooey. When he told them to do it for the fat lady, Franny and Zooey pictured the most obsessed, ugliest woman they could think of in their minds. In this way no matter what both Franny and Zooey did. They imagined that if they could do something for a fat and ugly woman then they could do the same to anyone. Without his knowledge, Seymour had ruined the children. Franny had excelled as a young lady; she always expected to be the best in everything. When she eventually enrolled in college, she learned that everything was not about success unlike in her family. She also learned that learned that she was always hypercritical of every one she knew even on small faults as she always everyone to be the best.

Zooey was the worst affected by the teachings from Seymour. He ended up being too smart for his own good and was very much aware of that. He never took jokes and would answer back rudely; he always expected the best performance from everybody just like he was. Within his family that was acceptable as they were all used to that because they were all smart. Outside the family circles, Zooey found out that not everybody was as bright as his siblings, or was as willing to do something for anyone. That made him bitter. Seymour’s death through suicide had a great impact on Zooey’s social life; to him Seymour meant everything to him. He was his key mentor, Guidant. He had just started his life as an adult and had to make decisions, but there was nobody to look up to for advice. According to Zooey nobody else was able to love him more than Seymour; he had always given him good advice, and guidance. Seymour always followed his own advice, and that is why Zooey loved him. When he looked around and could not find someone like Seymour he was devastated. He had no idea of where to go. He now stays with his parents.


So as, to understand, and examine the fat lady perception further, Zooey relates the fat lady idea to that of Christ, when trying to encourage Franny when she felt as the world was being unfair to her. Many are taught that Christ is love and people should emulate Christ loves for us. So if, people treat one another like Christ the world could be one lovely place. Seymour’s philosophy was really a good idea, only that it was not successful with Zooey, and Franny, but if it were to be applied, there would be no fighting as nobody would harm another in that worldwide peace would reign on earth forever.