What was happening that made it imperative for The New York Times to consider other pricing mechanisms?

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New York Times, “in spite of its prize-winning journalism” has faced significant pressures as subscription and advertising revenues have declined. With the rise of the Internet, how can The New York Times capitalize on new technology—or is it best to “leave well enough alone?”

In this case, we will be exploring various pricing plans as well as the challenges associated with the introduction of digital media in a “paper-based” arena.

Using only the case study, its Exhibits and information from K&K on marketing, please answer each question and give your recommendations. Be sure to use standard APA format and good writing style to develop a paper that “stands on its own.” Remember that charts, graphs and other enhancements contribute to a good paper along with good grammar and solid thought: in marketing, “everything counts.” Limit your paper to eight pages of analysis and recommendations, 12- point and double –spaced. (Title pages, Table of Contents and appendices do not count toward the eight pages.) Use Turnitin and post your Turnitin report next to your Case Study in the Assignments folder.

1. Briefly describe The New York Times company and industry background.

Analysis and Evaluation:
2. What was happening that made it imperative for The New York Times to consider other pricing mechanisms? Cite information from the case exhibits to illustrate your interpretation of changes in revenues, costs and subscriptions from 2008 to 2011.
3. Describe The New York Times two experiments in pricing, citing results from the charts. Explain the four broad options for the new paywall and the final paywall design.
4. Develop a product recommendation based on the sources of traffic to The New York Times.
5. Develop a subscription plan for print vs. digital.
6. Develop three recommendations for pricing. Tell the basis/rationale for your pricing recommendations, then choose one for implementation and explain why you have chosen that pricing plan.

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