What type of technology could be used to support the student within assessment planning and delivery?

.Jacob is in the 5th grade. He has ADHD and an emotional/behavioral disorder. He gets along with very young kids and adults, but struggles with getting along with other kids his age. He is very aggressive and gets in peoples faces. Jacob does not pick up on social cues from others and does not recognize when he is making people uncomfortable. Jacob speaks very loudly. His academic skills are at the 3rd grade level. He does not put much effort into his work because he does not see the point in learning or going to school. His frustration can easily and quickly turn into a temper tantrum and it takes a very long time for him to calm down. A large part of his school day is spent working through emotional/behavioral issues.

Based on what you learned about special education including, inclusive and self-contained classrooms, write a 1,500-1,750-word essay. Address the questions below pertaining to each of the placement options: Inclusion, Resource, and Self-Contained.
•Summarize the placement option and discuss why it would or would not work for the student in the case study.
•What type of related services would the student require and why?
•What type of technology could be used to support the student within assessment, planning, and delivery?
•What type of collaboration model would be appropriate for the students teachers to use and why?

•What type of classroom setting would be most appropriate for the student and why?
•Choose two of the CEC standards and discuss how they are applicable to the placement option you chose.

Reference a minimum of three scholarly articles within your writing.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Sty

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