What type of information might be considered exculpatory evidence?

After formal charges are filed in a criminal case, the prosecution and defense attorney begin building their cases based on their respective positions. Both sides consider what type of information they might present to a jury in the event the case goes to trial. For your written assignment this week, you are to write a paper discussing the discovery process, or the process where the prosecution and defense share information related to the alleged crime. Conduct research to learn more about the rights of a defendant to receive information from the prosecution through the discovery process. Write a paper that discusses the following points: What is discovery? What amendment(s) establishes a defendants right to information through discovery? Who benefits most from discovery and why? What is the prosecutors duty to disclose exculpatory evidence? What type of information might be considered exculpatory evidence? What happens in a case if the defendant feels that the prosecutor did not properly disclose all relevant or exculpatory information through the discovery process?

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