What two concepts or ideas can be construed as relevant to improving your personal performance?

The assigned reading for this unit initiates with comments regarding the established mission statements of an unnamed organization. This spawned a thought of the multiple processes I had participated in while a member of the New York State Police. The intent associated with the creation of a mission was often well intended by the leadership. The problem arose with the leadership setting policy and designing the mission statement with little or no input from the rank and file. This type of scenario does not serve the true intent of an organizational mission statement, to represent the goals and values of the cause they serve. The importance of such a statement has sometimes been undersold and the leadership just goes through the motions. This can have dramatic effects on any type of organization, but it can be especially problematic in service organizations. You should take special note of the six primary ways to demoralize and not motivate the organizational personnel. The continuing thought in this course is that performance begins ultimately with each individual person. The performance of a particular organization can reap immediate results through better utilization of its human resource.

Learning Objectives
At the end of the unit, students will be able to:
Summarize in writing the term of mission statement, as described in the assigned reading for this unit.
Describe in writing the importance of leaders adopting a position of becoming mentors and coaches to facilitate performance improvement in an organization.
Contrast and compare the idea that like an individual, an organization has a need to explore its value system, level of competence, and level of awareness.
Reading Assignment
Read: Taking the Organizational Pulse (p. 82 – 296)
The Heart of Performance (p. 297 – 311)
During your reading, additional time should be spent on gaining an understanding of the following terms: mission statement, values, and organizational intelligence.
Unit 9- Reflection Paper
Prepare a reflection paper of approximately 500 words evaluating your organizations established mission statement. If your particular organization does not have a mission statement, you can discuss the positive and negative implications that result from not having a statement. The questions to be answered are rudimentary, does it represent the organization? Does it illuminate values as being an intricate part of the organization? How does it or does not truly represent the principles of its personnel? You should remain objective in completing this written assignment and utilize your personal experience along with the assigned readings in presenting your thought.

(The personal reflection papers provide an opportunity for students to offer their own assessments of the problems posed in the unit.

In addition to the reflection paper which must be 2 pages long, on the 3rd page these questions must be answered

Discussion Board Theme: You have read a varied compilation of concepts and ideas throughout this course. You are to choose two concepts that can be applied to either the advancement of your personal or professional performance improvement.

1. What two concepts or ideas can be construed as relevant to improving your personal performance?

2. Are these two concepts or ideas just as relevant in improving your professional performance skill?

I am a substitute teacher professional at an urban public elementary school. The writer must incorporate my profession into the reflection paper and into the discussion board response. The writer must be familiar with the challenges of a substitute teacher particularly within a public school in an urban community. The writer must incorporate DETAILED EXAMPLES of challenges as a substitute teacher to demonstrate understanding of terms and material.

The school where I substitute teach at mission statement goes as follows
Jefferson School, in partnership with parents, and the community, will provide students with rigorous learning opportunities that will prepare them to become life-long learners in our changing world.

The Discussion response should feel the entire page!!

I will upload the rest of the material SOON!

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