What trade-offs would you need to make to ensure that you have sufficient financial resources?

This is a strategic planning project to address the nursing shortage at the organizational level which will be developed upon over the coming week. I need only one person to assist with this assignment so please read and grasp the concept. Please read the uploaded articles to get an idea of the planned change I have also uploaded the SWOT ANALYSIS.

All change involves a negotiation of resources.
As you propose and evaluate changes with an organizational impact, it is especially important to consider what resources may be required and what trade-offs may be needed to bring the change to fruition and achieve sustainability.
You consider the resources that would be required to implement your proposed change. Example, people, money, time knowledge, relationships/team, partnerships and other. Now consider what the the purpose of the strategic planning process, who will the strategic review team members be?what will be assessed? Which strategies will be used and how? How will the strategies be prioritized? How will strategy success be assessed (Evaluation)
To prepare:
• Review the resources listed above. In addition, consider other Resources that focus on the process of identifying resources for a strategic plan. Conduct additional scholarly research to deepen your thinking about resource identification for strategic planning.
• Reflect on the results of the SWOT analysis you conducted and consider what resources may be needed to address the weaknesses and threats and build upon opportunities and strengths you identified. Evaluate the specific financial, personnel, and time resources that you would need to carry out your proposed change.
• Think about how you would leverage the resources you currently have and those you plan to acquire or develop to create the best possible results. For instance, consider the following:
o What trade-offs would you need to make to ensure that you have sufficient financial resources? How would you raise capital?
o Who would you need to hire or promote, what training should be provided, and/or what workload adjustments would you need to make to have the right personnel in place?
o What is a reasonable timeline for adoption and implementation given the parameters of this change and other organizational or group priorities?

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