What sort of research was done to get the information?

This is the culmination of the semester 0.5 s work. It should reflect clear knowledge of the discourse community, current conversation on the topic, and the conventions of the field. It must be very detailed in looking at a specific problem. Also it is to reflect your ability to choose, synthesize and document sources. This final paper must be 15 pages of text (not including title page and works cited page).A: Non-traditional Outline (20 points): Write the introduction to your paper. Also include a formalized list of the points you 0.5 ll need to cover to establish your problem and a list of solutions tried. Add your own solutions. Write a brief conclusion, which you will expand upon later.1. Use of scholarly sources. You need to cite a minimum of 12 academic journal articles in your paper. Use of books and websites should be cleared in advance unless used in addition to the 12 articles.
2. How well it meets the assignment. It needs to examine a problem within your field that is already being discussed within your discourse community. Your research should bring together the arguments and solutions already out there. Your critical analysis and thoughts of solutions must be included.
3. Organization. Is it logical? Do paragraphs have one central theme?
4. Use of voice. You need to match the tone, style and writing of those in the field.
5. Level of development/depth. In academic work, you need to do more than mention great points. You need to explain them. How was the point arrived at? What sort of research was done to get the information? Does everyone agree on it? What are alternative points?
6. Grammar and mechanics. Edit and proofread. Seek outside readers.
7. Proper use of documentation style. Make sure to have an adequate cover page, page numbering, source use throughout work, and reference pages as required by your documentation style.
I need 15 pages . you need to visit this link https://www.midmich.edu/student-resources/lls/library/find-articles/off-campus-databases is library database to find 12 articles about civl engineering for specific problem(any problem that is related with civl engineering). this number 23243005319685 you may need it for library database.

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