What role will prayer your knowledge of the audience and/or past experience play?

This discussion is intended to walk the student through the process of actually selecting a
scripture for the purpose of preaching/teaching. This discussion will give the student
experience in scripture selection, and will also allow the student to view the selection processes
of his/her student colleagues.

Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:
??Identify the selection of a scripture.

??Textbook: The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching
??6.1a PowerPoint: Unit 6 Sample Layout of a Message

Suppose your phone rang, and the person on the other end of the line asked you to speak at a
church in two weeks. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to share Gods Word, you eagerly
say yes, hang up the phone, and then realize what you have done. You have just committed to
stand up in front of a group of people, open your Bible, and give a message- one that has
hopefully been prayed over, studied over, and well thought out.
Mind you, this is not a hypothetical situation. Sooner or later, this will happen to you, if it has
not already. So, you sit in your chair, staring at your Bible on the table. What are you going to
preach on? Where do you begin? In other words, which portion of the 66 books in the Bible are
you going to select for your text?

1. Imagine you have just received the call described above. In your initial post, answer the
following questions:
a. What process are you going to use to select a text? What role will prayer, your knowledge of the audience, and/or past experience play?
b. Will this be a special occasion, are you filling in for a pastor who is away on vacation, or is it some other event? Use your imagination.
c. What text have you actually chosen? Please give the book, Chapter, and verses.
d. Why have you chosen this text? Be specific.
e. Will this be a textual message, or a topical message, and why?

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