What questions should the nurse have considered prior to making the decision to accept or reject the assignment?

What questions should the nurse have considered prior to making the decision to accept or reject the assignment?

Group 1, Question 1: An Argument for Socialized Medicine
As a public health nurse and leader, you are a part of a group developing a socialized approach to the provision of health care in the United States. Submit an argument for socialized medicine. Include in your presentation the following key elements:
a. The value of healthcare for the populations served. b. Ethical issues address in the distribution of healthcare. c. Economic effects of the plan. d. Which healthcare system studied in the lessons would you pattern your health care system after (Canada, Switzerland, England, or Medicare)?
Group 1, Question 2: Advocacy Forum
In our role of advocacy in nursing, you are working on a forum to inform your community about the three major health care reform proposals developed in Fall of 2017—Graham, Cassidy and Heller-Johnson; The Health Care Freedom Act; and the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017. For your presentations, address the following components:
a. The effect that each plan has on healthcare in general, Medicare, and Medicaid clients. b. Will any of these plans provide comprehensive care for all? c. What are the ethical questions raised by each plan? d. How will the healthcare markets be affected?

Group 2, Question 1: The Nurse Who Wants to Care for a Relative
The nurse is working the 7p-7a shift as the night charge nurse. On the last evening she worked, one of her peers challenged the nursing assignment for the shift because the charge nurse did not assign her to care for client John Doe. The nurse specifically requested to care for Mr. Doe because she felt with the staffing shortage, he would not receive good care and she wanted to avoid problems for the institution from her family. The charge nurse noted that the client was the nurses’ brother-in-law.
The charge nurse refused to change the assignment and cautioned the nurse not to review the client’s information nor ask to request confidential information from the care nurse as there were no signed documents giving her permission to access this information from the client. The nurse, after yelling and screaming in the report room at the charge nurse, then threatened to report the charge nurse to the nurse manager and to hospital administration for her “dumb decisions.” Respond to the following questions about this situation.
a. Define the ethical theory which best defines the motives of the nurse who desires to care for her brother-in-law in this situation. b. According to the nursing code of ethics, if the nurse had been allowed the assignment, what ethical violations would have occurred? Provide a brief explanation of why it was a violation. c. What were the ethical responsibilities of the Charge Nurse according to the ANA Code of ethics? Provide a brief explanation of why this was a responsibility in this case. d. How might the Charge Nurse address the repetitive staffing shortage issues?
Group 2, Question 2: Appropriately Refusing an Assignment
A nurse has to report to work on the night shift (11 p.m.) after being called in to work because of staffing issues. The nurse is receiving his or her assignments and now considers the assignments to be inappropriate. The nurse decides to refuse the assignment but does not seek to get someone else to take the assignment. Answer the following questions about this situation.

a. What questions should the nurse have considered prior to making the decision to accept or reject the assignment? b. Using your state laws or your work environment policy, identify the procedure for refusing an assignment according to the nurse practice act in your state. c. According to the ANA code of ethics, what components of the code allow the nurse to make this decision? d. This nurse gets approval from his nurse manager to do an in-service for his peers on issues related to accepting an assignment. Outline the content you would include in this presentation noting that you will save 10 minutes for questions.



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