What is the units particular competitive position and source of advantage?

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The objective of this paper is to analyze the strategy of a multi-business firm. This analysis will have two parts:

Part 1: Competitive and corporate advantage of a single business unit (choose a business unit of NBCUniversal):

For this analysis, pick one division of your company and analyze the sources of competitive and corporate advantage for that unit. Your analysis should answer the following questions:

What is the overall strategy of the unit?
What is your analysis of the industry in which it operates and how the industry affects how the unit operates?
What is the units particular competitive position and source of advantage?
Try to quantify this if possible, either through a willingness-to-pay analysis or a relative cost analysis. You may have to make assumptions and that is absolutely fine.
Also discuss how much of this advantage is from being part of the larger multi-business firm (its corporate advantage), versus a strong competitive position as a standalone unit (its competitive advantage)

Part 2: Corporate strategy of the entire firm:

Given your analysis in the first part, how would you describe the overall corporate strategy of the firm? Your analysis should answer the following questions:

“Better off” – Are their constituent businesses “better off” together, and if so, how? Remember to highlight real dollars-and-cents advantages and not just the marketing material that the company creates
“Ownership” – Do these businesses meet the “ownership” test: is common ownership necessary and if so why? In other words, what sources of value highlighted in your answer to the “better off” test cannot be met through a contracting relationship?
“Organization” – can you provide any information about the organization test here? What types of structural and governance choices have they made in order to realize the benefits highlighted in the “better off” test?

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