What Is the Treatment for Nephritis?

There are many variations of nephritis — a kidney inflammation caused by infection, autoimmune disorder or poison — but the treatment tends to be similar for all varieties, because they all typically have a negative effect on the kidneys. Once any signs of nephritis have been detected, patients usually are encouraged to see a doctor, because medication may be necessary. After confirming the diagnosis with a doctor, some may prefer to treat the issue at home by beginning a diet that can help. Other patients face too severe of a condition to be treated at home, even with medication, resulting in a hospital stay.
The most common treatment for nephritis tends to be medication prescribed by a doctor. Antibiotics may be offered if the cause is a bacterial infection, and patients should expect to take this medication long-term to fully treat the issue. In some cases, corticosteroids may be used, because these can reduce inflammation, though their side effects may make them bothersome for some patients. Another type of medication that may be used during treatment for nephritis includes immunosuppressive drugs, especially when treating lupus nephritis, in particular, because this condition causes the body to attack its own tissues. Some patients also are offered drugs that lessen the complications of nephritis, including hypertension and blood clots.
Some patients are more comfortable treating nephritis at home and, after they obtain a diagnosis from a doctor, they may prefer to start some home remedies. One example is a nephritis diet, which incorporates foods known for improving this condition while eliminating foods that make it worse. Some foods that often are recommended during home treatment for nephritis include nuts, avocadoes and a variety of vegetables. The best fruits for this diet usually include grapes, bananas and apples and, while on this diet, patients typically are advised to reduce the amount of fried foods, salt and processed products in their diet. An additional tip for home treatment for nephritis is to drink plenty of fluids, including vegetable juice, coconut water and regular water.
In severe cases, treatment for nephritis is offered at a hospital, because home remedies and typical medications may not help those in serious condition. For example, some people with severe nephritis may have to stay in a hospital while getting antibiotics intravenously, because regular antibiotics may not be sufficient. Those whose kidney function has already deteriorated also may need dialysis, with a transplant eventually being necessary for some patients. This is why it is important for patients to see a doctor before attempting treatment for nephritis from home, because the condition may worsen quickly without proper medical care.

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