What is the most effective way to be a witness to real world conflicts?

Turnitin Assignment Name Position/Argument Essay – due Dec 11 Summary Choose one of the following writing prompts: 1. What is at the heart of human nature? Is it our destiny to have instincts for self-preservation and aggression, or at heart are we altruistic and collaborative in nature? Create an argumentative essay, taking a stand on this issue, and limiting your evidence to literature from Units 4 and 5 to prove your points. 2. Identify a shared theme between at least 2 texts from Unit 4 and 5, and real world events or media (music, outside literature, films, social media etc). What is the most effective way to be a witness to real world conflicts? Argue your position based on the effectiveness of various formats, approaches (such as truth telling vs. story telling), and lasting impacts on society (change, rememberances, advancement, etc). For example, a shared theme in All the Light We cannot See and “My Parents Bedroom” is that during times of war, people help each other. You might compose an essay arguing that the best way to spread knowledge of this basic human principle is through films like Schindlers list and pictures on social media. You would then need to compare/contrast how All the Light we Cannot See and “My Parents bedroom” illustrate this theme, with other illustrations from real life and the media, and argue for which does it better, How different mediums do it better, and what impact each medium and method has on society. o Take care NOT to overly summarize a text (1-2 sentences per text should do). o Avoid the logical fallacies listed on pages 45-46 in your book. o 1300 words minimum, 1400 words maximum. o In-text citations, works cited page, MLA style required. o Sample student essay on page 47 Due December 11. No Late papers accepted. Paper will be turned into Turnitin. be careful with plagerism… PS: The book that the instructor is referring to is… All the Light We Cannot See A Novel Anthony Doerr https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/all-the-light-we-c

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