What is the importance of innovation and creativity in Entrepreneurial Development?

Creativity and innovation
What is the importance of innovation and creativity in Entrepreneurial Development?
The Unit clearly outlined the importance of language towards being innovative and creative. Language is what makes life meaningful and enjoyable. The way we apply the language in our day to day lives, distinguish us from others (Lumsdaine and Binks 12). Language conforms to innovativeness and creativity in entrepreneurship. This paper seeks to identify the role played by creativity and innovation towards the development of entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Richard Branson and Ted Turner among others. These organizational leaders have one thing in common: They possess traits like Creativity, innovation and risk-taking. The entrepreneurs have to balance between the present market conditions and the future concepts that would bring success to them (Lumsdaine and Binks 35).
What distinguishes entrepreneurs from other business owners like sole proprietors is the ability to incorporate their entrepreneurial traits into leadership, competency profiles and models. Example of leadership models are taking calculated risks, intellectual curiosity, cultivating new approaches and ideas and viewing thinks differently. Leadership framework offers entrepreneurs with an objective and common language to express innovation and creativity and signifying the importance of these factors to entrepreneurship (Burger-Helmchen 193).
Second, entrepreneurs should not be influenced by myths but present confidence, independence, comfort with ambiguity and risk to be creative. Many organizations strive to create entrepreneurship by teaching the employees to give situations different approaches without fearing failure or mistakes. Entrepreneurs ought to understand that innovation can be created from any situation and that not every idea conforms to innovation (Burger-Helmchen 199). Successful organizations like Walmart have invested in development of communication and collaboration culture among its employees. Entrepreneurs should acknowledge the fact that successful innovation and creativity needs collaboration from different professions within the organization: Entrepreneurs should not take any risk that comes their way; they ought to be moderate risk takers.
Successful entrepreneurs gives ideas a hypothesis-testing approaches while seeking to cultivate those approaches/ideas in others. Entrepreneurs are independent when investing their ideas, they respond objectively to challenge and pressure, and endure roadblocks in achieving their goals (Lumsdaine and Binks 209).

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