What is the current evidence saying what is the best practice in this intervention?

Clearly state what the two interventions each for both problems. (4 in total)
Believe these to be the priority problems and interventions.
Priority problem 1- Chest pain preventing effective deep breathing, coughing and effective airway clearance.
Intervention 1 – Administer analgesia – nurse initiated analgesia (paracetamol) (referenced) ( basic, pathophysiology why it works)(referened).
Intervention 2- Nurse initiated Humidified saline nebs. (referenced) basic, pathophysiology why it works)(referenced).
Priority problem 2 – Oxygen saturations are 92% on Room air.
Intervention 1 –Apply 0² Therapy – 2 litres of oxygen via nasal prongs. (referenced) ( basic, pathophysiology why it works) (Referenced).
Intervention 2 – positional – eg semi fowler (referenced) ( basic, pathophysiology why it works) (referenced).
All related back to the scenario

Using current peered reviewed journal articles that are evidenced based and no older than 2007 to fulfil the following questions.
1. What is the current evidence saying what is the best practice in this intervention?
2. How is it intervention implemented?
3.What is the outcomes wanting to be achieved from this intervention?. ie how it address the problem/priority.
References from databases such as Cinahl, Joanna Briggs Institue, Crochrane, Nanda. Can also use. Queensland Health Hospital Policy, procedures and guidelines. Relevant to Nursing Queensland.
Keeping all resources relevant and link it to the scenario.
Matching the case scenario assessment data to priority problem. (only write about the existing data that is supplied.)

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