What Is the Connection between Self-Esteem and Communication?

Self-esteem and communication issues are often studied together in psychology, as correlations often complement each other in human emotions and behavior. Many psychologists believe that individuals who suffer from some type of insecurity or lack of self-esteem also suffer from poor communication abilities. It is believed that inadequate communication between child and adult, or between siblings, can lead to the inability to verbally communicate with strangers, make friends and become self-sufficient. Most therapists and communication counselors believe that self-esteem and communication abilities can be improved over time by using traditional therapy as well as medication in some severe cases.
Communication problems between individuals are often thought of as the source of self-esteem issues, and both are often connected when studying psychology and human behavior. Those who are raised in families that communicate emotions and express them in a healthy way are thought to be more self-confident and more independent in the everyday world. Most psychology researchers agree that these same individuals can maintain valuable relationships with friends, relatives and romantic interests due to their strong background in the art and science of communication. Individuals who live their lives in this way are often thought to have a better sense of self, better self-esteem and communication skills that are important in the workforce and in social situations.
Psychologists and psychiatrists who study self-esteem and communication problems often see individuals who are insecure and lack a proper way to communicate their emotions. It is believed that those who suffer from low self-esteem learn poor communication skills at a younger age through their environment and interactions with others. Without an adequate outlet for communication of problems or issues, it is believed that a human cannot completely release emotional burdens. This can lead to anxiety and stress, as well as a desire to withdraw from social interactions.
Many self-esteem and communication counselors regard traditional talk therapy as a beneficial way to release emotional burdens and provide an avenue for expression. It is important for individuals who participate in this type of therapy to slowly incorporate different social interactions into their lives. This can help with increasing self-awareness and self-confidence in unfamiliar settings and events. In severe anxiety and self-esteem cases, psychiatrists might prescribe certain meditations, but only after traditional methods of talk therapy and expression have failed.

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