What is the Connection Between Reiki and Chakras?

Reiki and chakras are connected in that Reiki healing is thought to provide balance and to renew the energies with a person’s chakras. These treatments get rid of all of the negative energy that may be present in the chakras and completely unblock them. This allows a person’s life-force energy to flow through them like it should.
The spiritual technique of Reiki comes from Japan. It is used by many people around the world to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and improve the health of a person. This technique is thought to treat every part of a person, including his mind, body, spirit, and emotions. For many who trust in Reiki and chakras, this type of healing allows the chakras in the body to also be treated so they may be open to the energy of a person’s life-force.
There are seven major chakras within the body, and each one is responsible for pulling energy into the body from the surrounding environment. These chakras can also release energy from the body. Chakras are considered to look like wheels or whirlpools and are seen in many different colors. Each chakra performs a different function to help the body stay balanced.
One of the chakras, the root chakra, is responsible for keeping a person grounded in the physical world. Each chakra is associated with a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect of the body, and as such, issues can occur in each of these areas when this chakra is out of balance or blocked. A person may be scared to live life, be violent, be unsociable, overindulge, be sad, or feel alone. Real physical problems can occur in the body because of negative energy in a chakra. These may include problems with the heart, throat, bladder, legs, back, digestive system, and much more.
Any blocked chakra can greatly affect a person’s life. The use of Reiki and chakras can help to restore balance to the body and may in fact heal it from even the most harmful of physical diseases. Along with the act of healing, a person will most likely feel relaxed, secure, and at peace after the use of this spiritual treatment.
Reiki and chakras are both spiritual philosophies that do not belong to one particular religion. The technique of Reiki can be used by many different religions because it does not have any dogma and is considered to be more spiritual than religious. Chakras are acknowledged in several different religions, and have been a part of the philosophy of yoga for many years. Many people have accepted the theory of both Reiki and chakras as a part of their spiritual and daily lives.

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