What goals do you hope to achieve yourself in your service learning activities?

Students (Mentees)have some of the following issues; behaviour problems or are finding it difficult making the right choices; family concerns including family break ups, multiple parents etc; friendship issues among groups at school; low self-esteem and need of a boost from someone who is non-judgemental; or simply needing some assistance with school work.

You are asked to work on developing a relationship with your mentee in a number of ways.

You will work with each of your mentees in their classrooms and assist with general literacy and numeracy (modelling the value of education to them).
After lunch you are free to withdraw each or all of them from class and do some sort of ‘activity that will allow you to interact more informally with them. In the past mentors have taught guitar, done gardening, demonstrated cooking a meal, played footie or cricket, worked with electronics model sets, demonstrated how to apply make-up. Its up to you and your mentee what you do.

What I have done ?

I as a pre service teacher did my practicum for 10 days and in those days I have observed the first day and have cooperated with students in the learning. I have helped them individually and also as a group. Some students in the class have some learning difficulties which allowed me to sit with them separately and do the class work given by the teacher.

In these 10 days I have also interacted with students individually and helped them in learning centre with their assignments or other learning needs.

The each questions below are need to be completed in accordance with the practicum .

Q1: What are you expecting to gain from your learning in you school setting?

Q2: Outline briefly what you hope to learn iin this setting

Q3: What goals do you hope to achieve yourself in your service learning activities?

Q4: what do you believe the students in your service learning projects will learn from you ?

What do you hope to learn? How will these experiences shape you as a teacher in a classroom

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