What functional assessment tools would you use for assessing Lenny?

1. What are the potential impacts of dual or multiple diagnoses (Co-Morbidities) on identification and prioritisation of the older persons needs?2. List Lennys chronic age-related health problems, give brief reason why.3. a) Explain urge incontinence. b) Explain continence care.4. What functional assessment tools would you use for assessing Lenny? (8)5. a).Outline the nature of dementia as a progressive neurological condition.b).Identify two nursing interventions that can be used with people with dementia. (11)6. List at least two support services and resources in the aged care environment.Kate 78 yrs old (Lennys wife) has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, she has expressed her concerns about not being given any information about her new diagnosis she believes it is because she is old.7. What primary health care and services can be offered Kate i.e. for the older person? (12)8. List the stereotypes and influences on ageing. (13)Lenny has become increasingly confused, he has been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, he has progressively demonstrated short term memory loss and is starting to wander without assistance and the use of a Zimmer frame with other challenging behaviours e.g. continuously calling out aloud.9. What are the limitations and legal ramifications of physical, chemical and psychological restraint?10. List the legal and ethical issues and considerations, and assessment tools relevant to the older person.11. Describe two physical triggers for challenging behaviour? (14)12. Describe two strategies used to respond to challenging behaviour? (13)13. Why is it important to have a safe, physical, social and emotional environment for all older people, and particularly for people with dementia? (17)

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