What facts/evidence does Professor Stenzel use in her article to support this proposition?

GBL 295 – Ethics Writing Assignment #1 (Fall, 2016) InstructionsAs discussed in class you are to upload to D2L (via a dropbox) a typed paper (double spaced) answering TWO questions as outlined hereunder:Answer One of these Two Questions:(1) In the article ‘Connecting the Dots: Synergies Among Grassroots Tools for AuthenticSustainable Development (Chapter 7 of the Course Pack – Page 51), Professor Stenzel makesthe point that “increasing numbers of businesses emphasize social welfare and the environmentthrough their CSR programs”,(a) What facts/evidence does Professor Stenzel use in her article to support this proposition?(b) Write whether you are agree or disagree with Professor Stenzels position, asarticulated above, and explain why you agree or disagree with Professor Stenzel.- OR -(2) In the article at Chapter 8 of the MSU Course Pack – Page 119, ‘Our Ability toRespond, the author is critical of many, if not most, CSR programs,(a) What facts/evidence does the author use in the article to support these criticisms?(b) Write whether you are agree or disagree with the authors criticisms of CSRprograms, and explain why you agree or disagree with these criticisms.- AND -Answer One of these Two Questions(3) Behanville High School has a history of fielding very bad sports teams. Incredibly, theteam has had a string of good luck and has advanced to the state championship game. The gameis scheduled to be played later today at an arena in Big City, Michigan – about 100 miles fromBehanville – and the team has stayed overnight in Big City. In complete violation of team rules,exactly one-half of the members of the Behanville team violated, by an hour, a curfew set for allteam members. The coach of the team has always maintained that any violation of team ruleswill result in a player being suspended for the next game the team plays. If the team memberswho violated curfew are suspended, the team will have to forfeit the championship. The coachhas looked to you for advice. Please articulate the reasons for suspending the offending players,and the reasons for not suspending the players. What advice will you give the coach?- OR -(4) A day before the final exam in a class, your best friend tells you, in confidence, that acopy of the final exam has come into your friends possession. Your friend does not indicate,one way or the other, their intentions – but your friend does tell you that the exam only containsthe questions, not the answers. You are enrolled in the class as a student, as well, and you havenot seen the exam. Please articulate some options you can think of for how to handle thissituation. Do not explain which option you would use, but articulate, as part of your response,what you think the positive and negative aspects of each option might be.

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