What factors might enhance or delay the persons development in each of these theories?

Use Piagets theory of Cognitive Development to discuss the specific developmental stage of this child, including examples of interactions that highlight aspects of the stage.
B) Use Kohlbergs theory of Moral Reasoning to discuss the stage of moral development of this child with examples of their reasoning about a situation involving a moral choice.
C) Use Eriksons Psychosocial Stage Theory to highlight the social developmental stage of this child and give examples.
D) Did you notice any other developmental issues that couldnt be explained directly by one of these theories, or did you notice any factors that may have enhanced or delayed the development of this child? Make this the conclusion to your essay.

OPTION # 2: Discuss A, B, C, and D:
A) Considering each stage of Piagets theory of Cognitive Development, how might a child approach the game of Monopoly at each stage? Considering the level of development, what could they do and what could they not do? What would their behavior look like?
Sensorimotor (birth thru 2 yrs):
Preoperational (2 to 6 yrs):
Concrete Operational (6 to 12 yrs):
Formal Operations (12 thru adult):
B) Consider Kohlbergs theory of Moral Reasoning. Doing the “right thing” by helping a little old lady across the street may have any number of motivations. Apply each level of Kohlbergs theory to the possible motivations for this decision.
C) Consider Eriksons Psychosocial Stage Theory. According to his theory, each stage presents a major psychological task that needs to be overcome. Select 3 stages and give an example of a successful resolution as well as an example of an unsuccessful resolution and the ramifications for each. For example, an infant that is not nurtured may have difficulty bonding in relationships due to unsuccessful resolution of the trust versus mistrust stage of development.
D) What factors might enhance or delay the persons development in each of these theories? Compare and contrast the theories in conclusion to your assignment.

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