What do you believe are reasons why teens get pregnant?

Read article on Adverse Childhood Experiences article and answer the following questions

A. List the questions asked in the ACE study survey? (see questions here http://www.theannainstitute.org/Finding%20Your%20ACE%20Score.pdf )

B. Briefly summarize what the ACE study discovered (see http://www.aceresponse.org/who_we_are/ACE_Study_43_pg.htm ) Go to http://www.search-institute.org

2. List 2 of the Internal Assets and Describe 1 activity to help build each of them.

List 2 External Assets and 1 activity to help build each of them.

DUE MARCH 24th class 8 Read Chapter 5 Assignment 2

1. Briefly summarize “Race is a Social Concept” and include any scientific research that supports this assertion. (You may have to do a little research)

2. Briefly describe Institutional Racism and discrimination in systems

3. Who was Shirley Chisholm? And what makes her a significant historical woman?

4. Select an organization, school or agency and evaluate the level of Cultural Competence utilizing the Cultural Competence Framework developed by Cross et. al. See below for link.


DUE MARCH 31st Class 9 Read chapter 6 Assignment 3

1. Briefly summarize “why do teens get pregnant?”

A. What do you believe are reasons why teens get pregnant?

B. What are the reasons for teen fathers?

C. Do you agree or disagree with the textbook? Provide reasons.

2. Briefly summarize Significant Issues and Life Events?

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