What data is currently collected that demonstrates a problem exists?

The American Nurses Association (ANA) Scope and Standards of NursingInformatics Practice requires the Nurse Informaticist to propose, implement, and evaluate
technological advances for quality patient care. The Quality and Safety Education for Nursings
(QSEN) pre-licensure Informatics competencies relate to how informatics supports safe, quality
patient care through the following:
• Value nurses involvement in design, selection, implementation, and evaluation of
information technologies to support patient care
• Describe examples of how technology and information management are related to the
quality and safety of patient care
• Apply technology and information management tools to support safe processes of care
For this assignment, you will develop a proposal for a new technology that is currently not being
used in your area of nursing practice. Keep in mind that technology has some form of electronic
component to it for this paper.
Starting with the need, identify why the need exists for the new technology. What data is collected
that tells you a problem exists? How will this technology answer the problem? Provide an analysis
of the current situation and potential opportunity for improving patient care. With any new
technology project, there must be stakeholder identification, an identification of quality indicators,
projected benefits, consideration for training, and evaluation of outcomes Write formal APA paper that describes the new technology following the directions
The purpose of this assignment is to encourage a depth and breadth of understanding about new
technology and the impact on patient care. This assignment allows insight into the many facets of
bringing about change from inception to evaluation.. The Technology Proposal Project is a formal paper so plan accordingly. Use section headers
(Background of Problem, Technology, Quality, Stakeholders, Evaluation and Conclusion).
Please keep in mind that the following is to be used as a guide. You still need to demonstrate original and critical thinking on the topics.
2. Provide a background on the new technology. This should include one to two pages that
provides a general understanding of the problem, in a global sense, that the proposed
technology could address. Include:
a. Context for the problem. Consider the following questions when writing this
section: What is the problem for health care? How do you know it is a problem?
What data is currently collected that demonstrates a problem exists? For
example, you might discuss how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid will no
longer reimburse for specific processes of care or patient outcomes (falls,
pressure ulcers, etc.). The data should relate back to the problem you identified
with the technological solution. In a later section you will provide specific rates for your area of practice. Here, you will provide national rates or incidence, if available.

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