What are the variables?

Choose one question.

1. Use the Eightfold Path and provide an analysis of the Flint, Michigan water pollution issue. You may use all previous articles as sources of information.

2. Discuss how the Flint, Michigan situation fits into the US Environmental Policy discussion in Chapter 11 of Furlong. Provide an analysis of the case using the material in the PowerPoint provided.

We will examine the following and you will write up the answer as an Question #5 for this course:

The Flint Water System was found to be toxic so the main water source reverted to the Detroit system, not the Flint River. After the switch, the water needed to be retested. Read the following and determine:

What is the research question?

What are the variables?

What is the research design?

What was the sampling process?

How was the data collected?

How was the data analyzed?

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