What are the principles of second language acquisition (SLA)?

Language learning and technology

According to the literature,

What are the principles of second language acquisition (SLA)?
Introduction, explanation from the literature and who introduced each principle you will find in the literature, Different definitions in the literature and finally, conclusion and transition to the next principle. Try to find all the principles mentioned in the literature like comprehensible input, comprehensible output, Social interaction and communication, Noticing, Feedback and others.

How can educators facilitate second language acquisition in adult contexts (college students)? (From theory to practice). All from the literature. How educators take all of the principles you mentioned earlier to practice in the classroom with EFL students to help them acquire the language. INTRODUCTION, INFORMATION FROM THE LITERATURE, AND CONCLUSION. TRANSITION.

Provide at least three examples of research studies that show how technology has been used to facilitate SLA in contexts similar to the study I am going to propose for my D1. In other words, the three studies you (the writer) is looking for should include age of participants should be between 19-23 years old (college students), setting should include (LMS use to help facilitate SLA for EFL students to engage them more in the learning process. And these studies include Students in English Department, Computer department, or any program. Findings in these three studies should include something like LMS shows that it is effective and it provides task engagement in acquiring the target language for EFL students. You (the writer should synthesize all of these three studies mentioning the study title, year and author (s). You have to write the participants nationality and numbers or sizes. Write about the study setting like LMS use with college students to help them with the language acquisition and in which department and what kids of tasks used in the study. You have to write what methodology the author (s) used to do that study and how he/she did that study(process). Explain the definition of any terminologies you will say in any study as the author of that study explain them. And finally, you have to write the result of that study which should be something saying that Comprehensible input or any of the aforementioned principles is effective for EFL students task engagement in LMS use for language learning. INTRODUCTION, THREE STUDIES FROM THE LITERATURE, CONCLUSION.


No plagiarism please

APA citation

Please make sure that you are using your own words (paraphrasing) everything except the definitions maybe you can quote them and give the page number for citation. Otherwise, do not plagiarism. Please make sure you are using APA style correctly. You have to paraphrase all the sentences you are taking from any article or research paper and then cite all of those paraphrased sentences by writing (last name, first name, year) for the in-text citation and at the end of each sentences. If you have two or three quotes in each section then that’s fine but the citation is different (last name, first name; year, page number) for in-text citation. You have to check APA citation because I am not sure.

Please write all the research paper you will use to write this Literature Review in the REFERENCES PAGE at the end of the paper in an alphabetical order.

Please work hard on this paper. It is a very important one.

Writer. If you have any question regarding this assignment, please do not hesitate to ask using cell-phone or via email.

Thank you very much and have a good day.

Let me know if you need any clarification.

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