What are the potential security Threats on the UAE?

Course Name : International Security and Strategic Studies
Project: Conflict in Yemen
*I have to write project related to International Security and Strategic Studies.
“Conflict in Yemen”
1- What are the potential security Threats on the UAE?
2- What is the UAE doing in order to ensure threats do not occur within the state?
3- What are the recommendations that the UAE should do, which may have not been done yet?
At the same time we will evaluate the course learning outcomes of your output, making sure that you have met and completed the course learning outcomes.
Course Description:
This course examines the various facets of the dynamics of Intelligence and National Security. It investigates the evolution of intelligence and the international intelligence community. It will provide adequate knowledge about the relationship between military force, international security, military organizations and diplomacy. It also focuses on international relations issues of importance, such as: nuclear politics, war, secret intelligence, economic integration and political fragmentation. This political development has been accompanied by civil war, terrorism, use of force, instability, and occupation. All of these mentioned variables play an important role in shaping international relations. This course will also deal with diplomacy and statecraft emphasizing economic, demographic and environmental issues.
Course Learning Outcome:
1. Identify and describe some major political, economic, social issues confronting the global community. ?
2. Evaluate the challenges to international security from military and non military perspectives. ?
3. Demonstrate the role of military force in global affairs, and the path to peace and stability. ?
4. Critically asses the causes of war and how diplomacy can be used in this case. ?
5. Debate all above mentioned topics and innovate alternative and critical thinking on course topics.
Please use the course textbook.
Paul D. Williams, Security Studies An Introduction, Routledge, NY, 2008, ISBN: 0-415-42561-1
1- Chicago style use as both references and citations. Cite your work inside the document.
2- Update references.
3- Use 5 Academic journals, 2 official Website and 3 Books.
4- Use footnotes. Make sure the work is yours at all times. The more information and reference you add to the paper the more value you add.

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