What Are the Different Types of Mastectomy Products?

Mastectomy products are designed to make life after breast procedures as normal as possible, and products range from breast forms and compression bras to prosthetic nipples. Other mastectomy products enable an active lifestyle, such as swimsuits and tank tops. Some products are designed with comfort in mind, such as soft lounge wear, pajamas and head scarves.
These items include breast forms, which are inserted into specially-designed pockets in bras and camisoles to create a natural appearance after a mastectomy. The forms are available in different shapes, such as triangles, ovals and tear-drops. They also are made from a variety of materials, including gel pads, foam and rubber, and some are cloth-backed to make them more comfortable and dry against the skin. Designed specifically for swimming, some breast forms are waterproof. They can be inserted into mastectomy swimsuits that feature breast form pockets.
Surgical bras are designed for wear following breast procedures. They offer light compression and are used to hold bandages in place instead of tape. Camisole bras feature pockets in the cups for the insertion of breast forms. Some post breast surgery camisoles also feature breast forms and drainage pouches.
Active wear is among the many options of mastectomy products available. Offerings include swimsuits, sports bras and tank tops. For those who do not want a one-piece swimsuit, mastectomy products include tankinis and tank tops that can be paired with swim bottoms to create a two-piece look. It is recommended that waterproof breast forms made specifically for swimming be used, as some other styles of breast forms can become soggy or want to float out of the form pockets.
Due to the hair loss typically experienced after a mastectomy necessitated by cancer, head scarves, turbans and wraps are common mastectomy products. While some scarves are designed for style, others are more utilitarian and designed strictly for comfort. Some night caps are made specifically to keep the head warm while sleeping.
Other mastectomy products for sleeping include night gowns, camisoles and pajama sets. Typically made of soft materials such as natural cotton, the sleepwear often features accommodations for post-surgery necessities, such as drain tubes. Many also feature a self bra and breast form pockets. Lounge wear is also available.
Compression products are often required after a mastectomy, including arm sleeves. Other mastectomy products include breast form wash, tape and breast form adhesive. Cases are also available for storing and transporting breast forms.

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