What are the dangers of policing?

 What are the dangers of policing? How do these dangers impact policing as you look forward to the future of policing?

2.  How would you define less-than-lethal weapons? How do less-than-lethal weapons affect policing in society today?

3.  What are the three types of policing, that are listed in this chapter?  Please explain.

4.   What suggestions do you have to improve safety concerns for the future?

5.  Compare working with a team in an online environment compared to their workplace and/or other affiliations.

9.    What you learned during the week and tell how it relates or could relate to you and/or someone employed in the criminal justice field. You do not need to write a summary of everything we covered during the week. What I’d like to know is what you found particularly useful, interesting, challenging, or thought provoking.

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