What are the common goals and objectives of similar programs?

Write a draft of the next three sections of the program evaluation proposal to include the following:

  • Program Evaluation Goals and Objectives:
    • Theoretical Framework
      • What is the general goal for designing or selecting an evaluation plan based on the theoretical framework and program setting?
      • What is the specific program and evaluation theory behind similar programs?
      • What are the common goals and objectives of similar programs?
      • Is the organization’s program in alignment with similar programs in terms of purpose, stakeholders, resources, goals, and objectives?
    • What specific questions must the evaluation model answer to evaluate the program for internal and external stakeholders?
    • What specific processes, output, outcomes, or implementation goals must be evaluated?
    • What are the objectives of the program evaluation in terms of providing data, information, and resources to internal stakeholders, such as performance dashboards to monitor processes, quality, outputs, resources, costs, revenue, and other implementation and outcome measurements?
  • Evaluation Model Design:
    • Provide an overall qualitative or quantitative approach to the evaluation.
    • Describe from where, whom, and when data will be collected.
    • Describe the participants and sampling, if appropriate to the program being evaluated.
    • If evaluating a program involving input or by patients, clients, or consumers, how will participants be recruited or selected, such as for a patient satisfaction survey?
    • Sampling methods and sample size: Will the program evaluation model evaluate all participants, processes, outputs, or outcomes, or use a research-based sampling method?
  • Evaluation Methods:
    • Procedures for data collection: Describe the procedures used, such as retrospective historical performance, program utilization, financial and outcome data, electronic medical records, laboratory or quality software application data capture and reporting, focus group discussion, or questionnaire surveys.
    • Will the evaluation include capturing quantitative and qualitative data and information?

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