What are some difference between host countrys friends and home countrys friends?

Intercultural Interview Questions

If I conduct an oral intercultural interview with person who is living in U.S., but once studied abroad. I will ask following questions:

1. What is your definition of culture?
2. Where did you study?
3. Before you studied in your host country, do you know its cultural background?
4. If you already know some host countrys cultural facts, what made you think you can fit it?
5. What made you confident about your study when you were there?
6. Did you find anything good in your culture that supports you to enhance your study and life in your host country?
7. If you need 1 to 10 scales to measure the importance of culture to your study, what point would you give? (1 is least, 10 is most)
8. Did you find anything attractive of your host countrys culture?
9. If found out that host countrys culture is attractive, did that attractive cultural elements change you?
10. Did you encounter any difficulties in your host country because of cultural difference? And how you solved them?
11. Did you have local friends when you study there?
12. What are some difference between host countrys friends and home countrys friends?
13. Do you think different culture give the same definition for friendship?
14. If not, what are some differences?
15. Do you think combine different culture together is a good thing or bad thing? (I mean only absorb good elements.)
16. How your abroad experience help you develop yourself?
17. Do you have any future plans to see different cultures?

t observes general guidelines and traditions of ethnography).

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