Various issues affect different people in a certain way

Various issues affect different people in a certain way





Communications questions

Various issues affect different people in a certain way, the manner of which different people resolve a certain problem is also very different. At times what seems usual to an individual may not be so to another person, in that respect it is very crucial for people to know how different people handle certain problems. To find out more about how different people view or react to different situations I decided to interview three different people on different issues. To do that effectively I wrote down four questions that I asked the four different people so as to hear their views. The people that I interviewed were John a truck driver, Mary who is a secretary, Joseph an accountant.

John was the first person I was able to interview, I asked him to give me a brief history of what his childhood was and how was it growing up. John was able to tell me that he was the first born in a family of five children; he was brought up in Michigan but was born in Ohio. According to his story his childhood was not a very easy one; his father was drunkard while his mother worked as a casual laborer. He was forced to drop out of school at the age 15 to go and look for casual jobs so as to help his mother pay for her ever increasing bills and also to be able to get money to buy food for his younger siblings. He even mentioned that because his father was so engrossed in drinking he did not have any time for his family, he at times went for months without seeing his father. He told me how despite all the difficulties he was able to defy the odds he managed to survive and eventually go to college and at last got married and was now a proud father of 3 children two boys and a girl.

Impact of current job

After the brief history I embarked on asking John the first question, which was if his current job is having any impact on his relationship with his family. He replied to the question by first stating that any job that every person does will always have some impact on the family whether positive or negative, he first stated the positive impacts, then followed with the negative impacts of his current job on his family.


As he was raised in a very poor family where even getting food was a nightmare, he was happy with his current job. He was able to feed his family, buy them cloths and even attend to his own needs. He has been able to save some of his money to ensure that his children do not lack anything that he can be able to afford as he did during his childhood.


Some of the negative impacts of the job that he was able to state included, he is at times forced to stay away from his family for a very long time at times a whole week. This is usually when he has to deliver goods to far away places. When that happens he feels very lonely and uneasy has he keeps wondering how his family is doing, he attributes this feeling to his childhood when his father would disappear for weeks on end and they had to fend for themselves.


The second question that I asked John was what he thought his strengths and weaknesses were. To the question he answered “nobody is perfect”. He stated people do have their source of strengths and weakness, his strength was his judgment. I asked him how of which he said “when I encounter a problem I usually think it over and over again before deciding what to do, and when I get the solution it is always right”.

Another of his strengths and the answer he gave at first did not make sense, he told me his childhood. He explained that his experiences during his childhood always give him the motivation when he is faced with a problem, it was not still clear so he went further with his explanation. He said that if he was able to overcome the challenges that he had as a child and as a teenager and made it then nothing is impossible.


His weakness was the most shocking; this is because it was related to something that was responsible for his childhood problems. John too like his father could not go a day without taking a beer. He admitted that he had tried all means possible to stay away from alcohol but he found it difficult, but he was quick to add that it was not preventing him from attending to his family.

Interpersonal needs

The final question that I asked John was if his personal needs were affecting his personal relationship. He laughed and answered “definitely”. He told me his wife likes shopping for new cloths for herself and the children, he stated that his wife can buy new cloths every day and at times her spending on new cloths has at times caused a problem between them. He is quick to point out that his spending on alcohol has also caused a problem between him and his wife who thinks that he is spending a lot of money in buying alcohol.

The second person that I managed to interview was Mary, who is a secretary by profession. She first gave me a brief history of her childhood. Mary’s childhood was not bad she was born in Boston and grew up there, her father was a firm manager and her mother was a secretary at the same firm as her father. She was the second born in a family of two children both of their parents ensured that they had a happy childhood; she is now married with one child. I was then able to ask her the questions I had written down.

Impact of current job

She was brief in her answers and could not talk much, she said that her job had enabled her pay for her bills and provide for her children. She also added that at times she arrived home very tired that she could not have time for her ten year old daughter.

Strengths and weakness

According to Mary her only strength is her ability to convince, she admits that she is really good at convincing and that is how she always has a way. However her weakness is her method of spending, Mary spends a lot of money shopping for shoes.

Effects of interpersonal needs

Mary’s husband loves betting especially on horse racing, he at times spends a lot of money on bets which Mary does not approve as necessary, on the other hand Mary admits that her husband does not approve how she spends a lot of money on buying shoes. Mary states that she at times spends a lot of money on shoes that she only wears once and gets bored so she has to look for another pair of shoes.

The last person who I was able to interview was Joseph the accountant; just like the others he first gave me a short history of his childhood. Joseph is an immigrant from Africa his mother and father moved to the United States when he was nine years old. He however can recall that life was very difficult back in Congo, he recounted the many times he had to flee with his parents from rebels, but since he moved to the United States he has had peace and even became a citizen. I was then able to ask him the questions that I had asked everybody else.

Impact of his job

To Joseph his work was a blessing as he is the one who is now taking care of his parents as well of some of his relatives back in Africa. On his strength and weakness he answers his job is his strength he however admits that his major weakness is helping out, he admits that he can never pass anybody who is in need especially the homeless he can even forego lunch and give the money to a homeless person. On his interpersonal spending he states that it has no impact on his relationship with his family members a he always attends to their needs first before attending to him.


Every person in the world has an own perspective on each and every issue however how similar they might look. The effect of the issues with different people is also very different, what one person considers good at times may not be the same to another person. Finally the way each person reacts to a situation is very unique and can not be compared to another person.