Vaccination in Colleges





Vaccination in Colleges

I believe vaccination is an important aspect of our health and thus universities need to tighten vaccination in campus. Research has shown that immunization has its own benefits including the prevention of certain diseases. Aside from personal protection, immunization is also important as the entire community is protected. There are certain diseases that if they occur then it is more likely that it may be transmitted to other people (The Editors). A great example is how there was a mumps outbreak at California, Berkley University and those that had not been immunized suffered the consequences. Immunization is not only important for one’s health and thus colleges need to be stricter on vaccination to ensure contagious diseases that could have been prevented are not transmitted within the campus.

Various debates have often been put forward on the need for vaccination. While some agree vaccination is important, others feel that it doesn’t still serve the intended purpose which is prevention. At times individuals may be vaccinated and are still not able to reach the expected immunity level and can still be at risk of getting the disease they were vaccinated against just in case there is an outbreak. Despite these occurrences, statistics have indicated that vaccination has a greater reduction in overall incidence of a disease. When most people are vaccinated it thus helps protect the vulnerable members in the society who may not be vaccinated (Slauer).

Legislators need to tighten vaccine exemptions especially in school. Lack of vaccination in schools has led to resurfacing of some diseases such as measles which should not be an issue in the century that we are living in. Although there may be reservations on taking vaccinations such as religious beliefs or personal beliefs who have been exempted in various states, the general population is at risk of getting these diseases and vulnerable individuals are more likely to be affected.

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