Types of jobs I would like to do





Types of jobs I would like to do

I life everyone has a list interests, passion or objective they would like to purse. Theses interests and passion influence people’s choice of jobs or careers. Since my early stage of life, I only desired to do three things; become a lawyer, a professional dancer, and/or a flight attendant.

That an individual’s career choice is a product of his/her interests is not surprising. It was the same for me I came to like the jobs the three jobs due to the influence of the environment I grew in and the people I interacted with through the course of my life. I can to like law due to the influence of a prominent lawyer who dedicated his career to helping the needy who could not afford the exorbitant legal fees. I desired to be like him and serve people to, but I will have to learn English first and get to bar.

The desire for professional dancing is a product of my love for dancing. I have been dancing since I was 4 years. I was a member of dancing teams in all schools I attended. Although an am not actively involved in dancing, I believe that in future I will have an opportunity to dance professionally.

Finally, my desire to become a flight attendant was inspired by an aunt of mine who worked as an airhostess. He told me of the exotic cites and town she had visited curtsey of the airline she worked for. My interest in planes grew and led me to training in flight attending.

Though it is difficult to balance three careers at the same time, in know that proper organization on missed can enable achieve at least. For instance, it would be difficult to practice law while travelling around in plane, however, I can practice law and professional dancing at the same time, or work as a flight attendant and dance professional on part time basis. I understand that letting go of any of these desired jobs will be a great sacrifice, but it is a choice I will have to make.