Types of Central Tendency and Variance


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Types of Central Tendency and Variance


Mean would refer to the average summation of the dataset. Then later divided by the number of variables listed.

Grade 1 Grade 2

Mean 74.5714 77.2857

The mean for grade 1 is (74.57) and grade 2 (77.28). Grading for 2 is higher.


Mode would refer to the value that is occurring several times in a given dataset.

For instance, test 2 has 5.5 hrs being repeated, test 1 has 8.5 hrs appearing twice.


The median is the middle score in a set of given numbers.

Grade 1 Grade 2

Median 86.0000 77.0000


Variance would be the average in terms of variability. This by obtaining the mean and then squaring the differences and later making them positive. Afterwards the sum squares id divided by the values of the dataset.

Grade 1 Grade 2

Variance 555.286 267.571


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