Types of Advertising



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Types of Advertising

Businesses use their resources heavily in advertising for them to drive up their sales. Advertising evolves into a vastly complex form of communication thus providing various mediums for business to reach their consumers. Advertising remains a complex field of study involving faster rate of innovation and creativity. Actually, advertising uses almost every media available. There are vast array of choices available for advertisers to communicate their intended messages. Modern advertising is full of internet related contents and use of other wireless gadgets. Most businesses are faced with challenges of finding the most appropriate form of advertising amongst the many alternatives. This writing highlights some of the traditional and modern types of advertising.

Traditional advertising

Traditional advertising includes print advertising, billboards, kiosks, trade fairs, television and radio.

Television advertising has been in existent for a very long time and still remains the most sought after mode of advertising because of its wider coverage. Television has several program schedules that can be successfully used in reaching a good number of people in building awareness and pounding away messages. However, television advertising must always be done right to attract attention of viewers. Because of its extensive coverage, it remains ideal if the business targets a larger market. It involves a lot of things such as movement, pictures and sound thus making it adequate when there is a need for demonstration (Khan 246-250).

Radio advertising is another mode of advertising with far-reaching coverage particularly because radio is accessible to many people. Although still used, radio advertising losses its utilization because of the advancement of technology which has introduced satellite, iPods and mobile phones which have rendered radio insignificant. Impact of radio advertising may also be lost because there must be certainty whether the target audience listens to radio channel used and the need to repeat the message regularly which is also very expensive (Khan 246-250).

Print advertising is another form of common advertising with several advertising options and very easy to execute. Print media have wide readership base and it includes magazines, directories, brochures and fliers. Magazines and newspapers normally charge space and the cost also largely depend on the quality of the paper used as well as the supplement that the advertising appears. Unfortunately, print advertising cannot be tracked making most of the advertising ineffective (Altstiel and Jean 195-205).

Also, there are billboards, kiosks, trade fairs and events which are part of traditional type of advertising that utilize many tools and techniques to attract the customers outdoors. Billboard advertising is very common type of advertising and is required to be extremely concise and catchy to grab attention of onlookers however digital billboards are very effective compared to print billboards. Kiosks can also be efficiently used by the businesses to endorse their products. Outdoor advertising such as organizing of special events or sponsoring events such as football may provide a very good ground of advertising (Khan 246-250).

Modern advertising

Online advertisement has really gained popularity due to wider use of the internet and it includes websites, E-mails, banner advertising, social media and business to business network. There are also mobile advertising where advertising messages are sent through the cell phones. This is one of the most appropriate forms of advertising because a text message will always be noticed by the phone users. Businesses send ads to the customers whom they have their numbers and other potential customers.

Another type of modern advertising is public relations advertising that enable businesses to maintain their goodwill within the society through building a brand image and identity. In this form of advertising, accompany attempts to put itself in the public eye by elevating her good qualities to the public. Moreover, there is web banner advertising which is used on the web pages linked to the content on the existing website and are normally constructed by either images, JavaScript, objects or images. Promotional advertising is also a modern type of advertising that involves give away goods or garnering public attention through the use of promotional media events (DeBray and Mustafa 71-77).

Bandwagon advertising is another interesting form of modern advertising that attempts to convince the targeted audience that the product is widely used by many and has really transformed the users thus compelling the consumer to try the product and be part of the bandwagon. This form of advertising largely uses the consumer psychology in luring him to purchase a product simply because everyone uses it. Furthermore, there is surrogate advertising which is used in advertising products that are prohibited by the national laws from being advertised such as alcohol and cigarettes (DeBray and Mustafa 71-77). A business would therefore use an umbrella brand name that advertises the prohibited product indirectly. There is also contextual advertising is another effective internet marketing method where advertisements are chosen by the automated system depending on the viewed by a specific user. There are more other modern advertising such as bathroom, blog, keyword and pixel advertising.

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