Two major sociological theoretical perspectives on health and illness are functionalism and Weberianism. Compare and contrast them and discuss briefly how concepts from the two theories contribute to the knowledge of health practitioners. Order Description Assessment One – Essay covering Modules 1 &amp 2

NUR 210 Health Sociology Module 1
Learning Materials
Module One Sociology for Health Professionals
1.1 Content overview 1.2 What is Sociology? 1.3 Definition of health and illness. 1.4 The Biomedical model.
1.5 The sociological approach to the study of health and illness.
1.6 Understanding and explaining social phenomena
1.7 Theories, Discourses and Paradigms
1.8 Sociological concepts and theories 1.9 Historical Origins of Social Health 1.10 Social structural approaches: Societies as objective realities 1.11 The
functionalist perspective of health and illness
1.12 The Marxist perspective of health and illness 1.13 Interpretative approaches: Societies as subjective realities 1.14 The Symbolic Interactionist perspective of
health and illness 1.15 The Social Constructionist perspective of health and illness – The relativity of social reality 1.16 Feminist Perspectives
1.17 The Structure –Agency Continuum 1.18 The Sociology of health and illness: Defining the field
1.19 Blackboard activity

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