Twelfth Night Review

Twelfth Night Review





Twelfth Night Review

The play twelfth night was originally done by one William Shakespeare. Its theme was marred with among other things plenty of love and affection. The piece of art was widely celebrated across the world. Later in the days, Trevor Nunn did its film adaptation. Trevor’s version was based on comedy unlike the Shakespeare’s. The film lays bare the fact that heartbreaking elements become laughable when seriously handled and are therefore pushed over to the top (Smith, 2017). The film revolves around romance and gender confusions as evidently shown by characters Imogen Stubbs and Jack Lemmon. Being that comic, the book received more than warm reception among the lovers of art and comedy. In order to achieve this, the author Trevor inarguably used a variety of stylistic devices to impress and present the book in the best possible way. Widely used are the styles of juxtaposition and music which blends well with her choice of word and creativity for the rest of the book. The essay intends to find out how the use of juxtaposition and music has helped the author in imagining, developing and actualizing the thematic concerns and concepts as evident in the book.


The juxtaposition is a literary device that involves putting things, people or dissimilar ideas side by side with the aim of comparing them. From the book Twelfth night, the style of juxtaposition is perfectly used to contrast and compare the love situation that is going on in the film (Smith, 2017). The love triangle shown is one of its own. This is particularly true when we visit the kind of that characters like Viola finds themselves in. One character falls in love with the other who fell in love with the other. Viola falls in love with Orsino. Similarly, Olivia falls in love with Viola. This love affair goes toxic since viola is unable to tell whether she is really a woman or not.

Olivia despite being so feminine and beautiful, she almost made it be a guy. Her creations and reality are juxtaposed. The extent of her difficulty in coming up with the difficulties that she goes through (Smith, 2017). The rigmarole of putting on her makeup, mustache and man’s costume. The physical pain she undergoes is juxtaposed to the benefits that she derives from her new status. She had to start engaging in men’s activities like fencing, riding and playing pool cards. The unending danger of the discovery that she was in after making her position with Orsino all shows the danger that she has to go through as a male. She severally has to disguise and degrade herself in order to remain safe


In order to successfully develop her thematic concerns, Trevor employed the artistic use of music on several occasions. Music in the film is used to provide a unique atmosphere at the development of each theme. Talking of love then a soft romantic song plays on the background of the scene says it all. Before we are introduced to Bohemia, Autolycus sings a magnificent song that sets the stage for the yet to happen in the background (Smith, 2017). Again, Ariel songs to Ferdinand when he is washed ashore. This depicts the theme of love, tenderness, and care. Clearly, the song and its incidental narratives are fused into the settings and thematic concerns of the play.

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