Turkey, the savior of the Middle East

Turkey, the savior of the Middle East



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Turkey, the savior of the Middle East


Middle East has experienced turbulence and upheavals in the recent past but the most interesting issue is Syria which has acted as the focal point of various contradictions in the region. As these conflicts increase in Syria, there are powerful forces that concentrate their interest may further steer the turbulence to another higher level. Turkey is one of the countries whose relationship with her neighbors such as Iran, Russia and Iraq thus forcing it to reinstate her relations with the neighboring countries (Balci Web). Turkey has been relating very well with most of her neighbors and acts as a model of moderation and mediation in the Middle East. This writing focusses on the position of Turkey regarding Syria as well as her relation with other countries in the region.

Turkey is a contiguous transcontinental country lying between Western Asia and Southern Europe making it to act as a link between the Western region and the Middle East region. Turkey has had an increasing involvement with the Middle East in her broader frame of her foreign policy which extends to her relation with Western Allies. Turkey represents a n Islamic democracy which is integral for Western and the Islamic powers. Turkey’s position in the Middle East is seen by some other leaders as unwavering and does not represent the true spirit and opinions of many Turkish (Balci Web).

Turkey is one of the powerhouses in that geographical location and neighboring countries wants to better their relationship but we have an unstable and volatile Prime Minister who is drunk and deranged with power so Turkey should not get physically involved with Syria or interfere with their internal affairs.

Turkey is such an important nation not only in the Middle East because of her position to expend pronounced efforts to enhance peace, stability, democracy and tolerance in the Middle East. Turkey is has introduced foreign policies aimed at promoting peace, stability and mediation between the Islamic world and the Western region. The country is also a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization and has very good relationship with The United States of America (Balci Web). The country’s strategic position between Asia, Europe and the Middle East is another significant aspect that plays a big role in bringing stability. The country further plays a major role in distributing energy from Middle East to Europe which is very critical in the global economy. Also Turkey is seen as promoting Islamic democracy because it stands as a modern Islamic country which connects both the Western and the Islamic world (Demirtas Web).

Turkey has always acted as a mediator and peace facilitator with her neighbors. It has attempted to democratize the Muslim world in the Middle East. Although seems to be uncertainty concerning her relations with neighbor after the introduction of the “zero problem with the neighbors” by the AKP regime, Turkey’s conflicts with her neighbors happen to eliminate the doctrine (Demirtas Web). The country has had several concerns which have seen it in an international unwarrantable situation by the fact that Europe tries to ignore her interests such as request for membership in the European Union. Even as Turkey was using her economic and political predominant role amongst her Muslim neighbors to enhance peace in the region, her neighbors feel that Turkey is alienating them. For instance there has been deterioration of relations between Turkey and Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia which may negatively impact the country (Candar Web).

Entrance of Erdogen as a Prime Minister in 2004 was a major comeback for turkey as it tried to court her neighbors such as Syria and Iran and Ankara too reconciled with Damascus. However, tie between turkey and Syria was very close such that their forces conducted joint maneuvers while their foreign ministers came up with strategic cooperation council (Candar Web). They even signed huge economic contracts but the relationship did not last long after unrest broke in Syria and Turkey supported the opposition and announced sanctions against Syria. Additionally, it proposed a regime change in Damascus and this acted as the end of her transformative diplomacy. It started to openly provoking and confronting her neighbors whom it had spent years developing relations with. Turkey is also seen to confront the Nouri al Malik’s government in Iraq by pushing for her own agenda. Lately, Turkey’s relations with her neighbors seem to deteriorate (Demirtas Web).

Turkey has been unable to play a meaningful role in the Middle East particularly regarding Syria’s position because of the Syria’s strong relationship with other countries such as Iran. Furthermore, Syria tends to compete for Iraq, Palestinian and Lebanese influences which include Hamas and Hezbollah and this greatly limits turkey’s capacity in decision making. Turkey does not seem to impose military intervention in Syria’s issue because it is likely to suffer most. Additionally, Russia and China does not support West’s action especially repeating the Libyan scenario in Syria and this further imposes great obstacle to Turkey (Balci Web).

Turkey has a robust economic advantage in the Middle East because of her big market. Turkey plays an important role in energy supply to the EU. It enjoys developing technology associated with entrepreneurship as well as great economic relationship with the West. Generally, Turkish economy is very stable in the Middle East and this is what makes it dominate the Middle East. Because of Turkey’s stand against the Damascus regime it took advantage of her robust economy to impose economic and financial sanctions as a tool to force Assad to negotiate with the opposition. Turkey decided to freeze her commercial transactions with Assad’s government which. This has really brought to a standstill, a once flourishing economy after the agreement between Syria and Turkey (Candar Web).

There has been a significant decline in the export as well as transportation sector incentives which was the main industry that was utilized by most Syrians at the border. Moreover, tourism industry has gone very low because most Syrians no longer visit Turkey as well as other industries which have really affected the Syrian economy (Demirtas Web). Nonetheless, the impact may not be that large because the Turkish foreign earnings did not go that low due to availability of other trading partners such as Germany. But it is worth noting that some regions in Turkey such as Gaziantep which is at the border of Turkey and Syria have really been hit by the sanctions imposed by Turkey. This economic challenge may go for long as long as the tension between Turkey and Syria continues. Syria tends to influence some other neighbors not to support Turkey and this may further deteriorate the economic dominance of Turkey in the Middle East (Balci Web).

Turkey, although suffers most in the current affairs going on in Syria should not be involved in military intervention because of the possible serious consequences. There are so many threats to turkey than benefits when they engage in the war. It is not easy for Turkey to cope up with the current situations in Syria which may really limit her dominance in the Middle East. There is he issue of political deterioration and economic effects that may arise when Turkey gets into this war. Moreover, turkey may continue to lose its relationship with her neighbors as well as lose of public support which is very critical (Demirtas Web).


Indeed, Turkey is one of the powerhouses in middle and neighboring countries wants to better their relationship but we have an unstable and volatile Prime Minister who is drunk and deranged with power so Turkey should not get physically involved with Syria or interfere with their internal affairs (Balci Web). It should reconsider her foreign policies and attitude towards her neighbors. Turkey is a very strong country whose Agenda has been creation of peace and should therefore not divert this great agenda. It should reconsider her position in Syria and the Prime Minister should organize for effective dialogue which will not affect the country’s relations with the Middle East.

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