Trends in the Food and Beverage Industry


Paper details:
Assignment – Week #4: Term Project Part 2 – Abstract and Detailed Outline

Please follow the instructions below:

Add a draft abstract and more detailed outline of your research topic paper to the attached order that was previously approved.

Please note: No revisions were requested when I approved this order. Everything was perfect. Just add an abstract and elaborate more on the outline using the sources that have already been identified.

16.Title: Memorializing Your Life: Drafting an Obituary

Paper details:
There are two components to this assignment:

1. Prepare your own obituary. In writing your obituary touch upon the following areas:

-Your age at the time of death.
-Your life circumstances (e.g. will you be in a nursing home?)
-Your surviving family (e.g. will you be alone or have family members?)
-Your contributions to your family, your community, your work.
-Changes that occurred over your life (e.g. will you still be committed to the causes you are now, same hobbies, etc?).
– How you would like to be remembered.

2. Having written your obituary, write a reflection on your death. Include the following:

-What do you expect will be the circumstances of your death…will you die suddenly or as the result of a long illness?
-Will you be fearful of dying?
– If given the opportunity to prolong life with treatment or die more quickly, which do you think you will chose?
– Have you already, or will you be, prepared for death in any way, for example purchasing a burial plot or advance directives?
– How might you prepare family/loved ones for your death, so they can move through the stages of grief?


Chumsky, S. (2014). Baby boomers drawn to green and eco-friendly funerals. New York Times.

Torgovnick May, K. (2013). Death is not the end: Fascinating funeral traditions from around the globe.

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