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Purpose and Audience

Purpose can be termed as the writer’s or author’s intention/target when writing an article for a particular audience. Purpose is normally brought out in articles when the writer wants the reader to see what he saw, feel what he felt, and hear what he heard among other targets. Audience refers to the final consumers of the art or work by various authors. The audience can take many forms; a single person, general audience and group audience. This article demonstrates the understanding of audience and purpose through the development of ideas, language features and structures by making links between them. It does so by narrating a short story about teenage friendship which commands attention in its use of imagery, explanations, analyses, explorations, critique, details, examples and a range of viewpoints CITATION Bry09 l 1033 (Bryan Station High School, 2009).

Friendship is always there but we do not go for it. It is God-given and many still take it for granted. A time comes, which comes, but rarely in history to forget the past and focus on the new. It was cold in Sue and the dark came very early. The fluorescent lights came and the streets became pleasant by their look through the windows. There was much play hanging outside the shops as children ran about. Snow powdered the feathers of birds, chicken and the fur of foxes. The wind blew their tails and turned their feathers. At the same period, Linda and I were going through thick and thin in our gradually blossoming friendship. Initially, the friendship had suffered a fracture when her parents discovered the secrete love affair between the two of us. Linda faced deadly threats from her parents. She was ordered to cast her dreams of ever being with me into the abyss. This brought a halt to our relationship and we stopped seeing each other for almost a month. It was not until this beautiful Sunday that we realized that we could never avoid suppressing the burning desire deep inside our hearts; the desire to be together was more than the need for our lives. Do ideal relationships take such a course? People who truly love each other go to the extent of dying for each other CITATION Tee13 l 1033 (Teena, 2013). Was I ready for this?

I must admit that the church hall was out of bounds by six o’clock in evening. At the gate to the church, a woman sold roasted chestnuts, and there we met every evening and were very polite and interested in what was the matter, and sat on the concrete slab there that was to bind our differences together. It was warm standing in front of the charcoal fire and the chestnuts were warm afterwards in the stomach. Linda was very young and very beautiful. Her love was the only thing I could kill for. She defined the meaning for love to me and I could not refuse to do anything for her even if it meant wrestling with an angel. Such promises usually come with friendship commitments. Many relationships are kept alive by the promises that the partners have in store for each other. It is hard to come by relationships that are devoid of promises. This was normal for our relationship CITATION Alo13 l 1033 (Alonna, 2013).

On this Sunday evening, a hush fell over Sue’s church hall. Linda and I were the only people present there. The eloquence silence in the church’s vicinity was one that could only be heard by the dead. As we sat with Linda on a wooden bench trying to mutually exchange our feelings for each other, something terrible happened. It was the turning point of my life. Linda began complaining about a headache then followed by other myriad problems that I could not decipher. Unable to make a decision on what to do, I resorted to wailing just to awaken help from nearby homesteads. Linda was quickly rushed to the hospital and I was arrested for interrogation. Seriously speaking, what could you have done? The only option, I think, is to suffer the same fate as mine CITATION Bri13 l 1033 (British Broadcasting Corporation, 2013).

Immediately after my arrest, Linda’s parents were breathing down my neck. They could not tolerate my innocent pleas. They were determined to have me jailed so as to ensure that their daughter was out of danger. They had warned me severally against associating with their daughter. The reason why they could not believe in my innocence was Linda’s condition. She had succumbed to a coma and could neither speak nor talk. My parents fought tirelessly to soften the enmity that had grown so big as a result of my connection with Linda’s state of the mind. Their struggle was all in vain as Linda’s parents could settle at nothing other than seeing me spend days behind bars until the doctors could say something better concerning Linda’s fate. Moreover, the only way I could be released was through Linda’s gain of consciousness and an utter of no harm from me.

After a week, Linda was able to regain her mental faculties. However, she could not tell anything about her admission to the hospital. Doctors only said that traces of pneumonia were present in a close scrutiny of her blood. This served to tighten the grip that her parents had on my detainment. The turning point of my life came when Linda asked about my whereabouts and demanded that I be availed in the ward she had been admitted. This was the most trying moments in my life because she wanted to see no one else except me. When I reached there, our faces graced each other happily. She could not help but fall for my ever positive expression. She let out a charming grin that led me to spoil for a hug from her. I reached out for her slender beautiful arms which were eagerly waiting to for their perfect partners. As we hugged one another with lots of relief, she muttered what seemed impossible to me, “I will stick by you forever”. The mention of forever did not hit me because reflecting on the past experiences we had come through with her could not exude any form of hope in me. Critically speaking, after such frustrations, no one would still have urge of keeping such a relationship CITATION The12 l 1033 (The Writing Center, University of California, 2012).

The paper has demonstrated the understanding of audience and purpose in its narration of a short story. The story has enshrined a lot of stylistic devices which serves to command attention from the audience and maintains their interest through suspense. Imagery is a common device with that spans the structure of the narrative. Most importantly, the paper has developed ideas and made links between them throughout the paper by use of a short story that describes teenage friendship.


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