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Incorporating feedback from your instructor and Smarthinking tutor submit a final paper that synthesizes all of the components from the previous course assignments in a cohesive manner. Your final project will include each of the following components:

Identification of the clinical question or problem, describing the following:
Significance of the question/problem, in which you include discussion of at least two background studies related to the topic, state the PICOT question, and explain how the question is relevant to nursing practice.
Theoretical framework or model, including at least three scholarly resources that support your choice of the framework or model.
Method: Describe a potential intervention. For example:
Implement a practice change initiative.
Develop a new policy.
Evaluate outcome data to measure success of an intervention or strategy.
Why do you believe this would answer your clinical question/problem? What evidence exists that this intervention would answer your question? Support with existing scholarly literature.
Design: Describe a potential intervention design or method. For example:
Action research.
Case study research
Qualitative descriptive research.
Clinical intervention study.
Systematic literature review.
Integrative literature review.
Quality improvement.
Program evaluation.
Why did you choose this design or method?
Setting: Analyze the setting. Why is this setting appropriate? Who are the stakeholders who will need to be involved in the project? How open is the organization to change? What are the potential limitations to implementing a study there?
Data: Describe how data will be collected. Do you anticipate using any instruments? Where did you find the instruments, and how will they apply to your specific project? Include the validity and reliability of any instruments to be used. Describe how data will be measured using statistics, as appropriate.
Your final project should be a scholarly synthesis that clearly articulates the problem definition, appropriate application of methodologies, contextual analyses, and data collection and analysis plans.

Writing Requirements
Written communication: It should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
Minimum number of resources: Work should be supported with at least five scholarly resources.

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