Top 5 Value Speech

Top 5 Value Speech

Major Banks, Jr

Oral Communication

Mr. Banks

Date: 9/9/16


Top 5 Value Speech

I. Attention Getter: Invictus by William Henley

1. Out of the night that covers me black as a pit from pole to

I thank whatever God my be for my unconquerable soul. In the

Fail clutch of circumstance my head is bloody but unbowed.

II. Listener Relevance:

2. This speech will show how values have impacted my life.

III. Topic:

3. My life defined in values

IV. Preview:

4. Faith is my most important value. Faith in my God as seen me through

some of the most trying times of my life. The death of both of my

parents, the death of my nephew and the cancer diagnosis my son was

handed last year

V. Thesis Statement:

5. Values are defined as standards or principals.

Because of the nature of values this can lead to a great debate as to

which is the most important. Value can also be emotional, subjectable

and arguable. This speech will detail how the values of Faith,

Courage, Discretion, Obedience , and Perseverance have impacted my life.

IV. This speech discussed the value system that made me the person I am today.

With the exception of faith, the values are in no particular order.

Each person must find their own value system and learn to trust it.