To what extent can other fashion retailers be successful in imitating H&Ms success?

This case is on pp. 575-582 of your textbook, Johnson et al 2014 (10th edition).Your task in this written assignment is to answer the following questions after a thorough analysis of the firm, H&M. You will read the case, conduct additional research and draw on your knowledge of the different elements of the ‘exploring strategy model (i.e. topics from Weeks 1-5) such as Introducing strategy, Strategic position, the environment, Strategic capabilities, strategic purpose, Culture and strategy, in providing comprehensive but concise answers to the questions presented below. You will do well in this assignment if you build on the theories, concepts, models and frameworks that we have covered in this unit to date (i.e. textbook, lectures, tutorials, additional material as cloud concepts and videos) and use current knowledge about H&M from its company website and other reliable sources from the library and/or internet when you answer the questions below. In other words, if you think you can present your arguments/ideas in narrative, tabular, graphic, or bullet-list forms (or a combination of these forms) in a clear and persuasive manner, then please do what you think is best.
Q 1. Use at least 2 (two) strategic tools to define and explain H&Ms competitive position in the industry and whether it is sustainable.
Q 2. To what extent can other fashion retailers be successful in imitating H&Ms success? Which competitor(s) is/are a real threat to H&M? Why?
Q 3. If you were to lead H&M as CEO for the next 5 years what would be your strategic plan to sustain and further strengthen H&Ms competitive advantage? List 4 points under your strategic plan (all these have to connect with a strategy theory and/or tool from Topics 1-5 as well as from cases of other companies that you can use as examples).

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