To some extent the court did not commit an error since the police conducted





To some extent the court did not commit an error since the police conducted the such because the computer showed there was a search warrant issue and from the search they managed to seize illegal products to be used in court. Just like the Evan Vs Arizona case of 1995, the court denied the motion submitted by Evans since his arrest was as a result of clerical errors. In the same case, nobody is to be held accountable for the error by the computer and since as a result of the error, illegal products are found. The work of the police is to maintain order and the judiciary is to make rulings. Since the police did the work as per the computer and no evidence to be used in trial was found then suppressing the motion will make it hard for the court to make a ruling.

The court should rule according to the initial plea agreement since it is the law. Magsy indeed cooperated and indeed accepted and confessed many things. According to the plea agreement, she was to receive a reduced sentencing and charges if she pleaded guilty. Indeed, Mugsy accepter his mistakes thus should be given a short sentencing. , More so, pleading guilty and confessing implies that the accused is a person willing to change thus there is no need for him to stay in prison for a longer period. All in all, the court needs to rule that the accused is guilty, and give him approximately five years of sentencing for it is in the agreement.